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Electricity usage of a Stove Top

An electric stove top burner typically sits on top of the oven with 4 heating elements, normally two small and two large, and is used for heating or cooking food. The energy use of a stove top varies, smaller units will use 1000 watts while a larger heating element will go up to 3000 watts. A stove top may not use all the maximum rated power but will heat up until it reaches a set temperature, we estimate an average modern stove top element will use around 1500 watts per an hour of heating on medium to high.

Click calculate to find the energy consumption of a single stove top burner using 1500 Watts for 2 hours a day @ $0.10 per kWh.

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One trick to reduce the energy use when cooking is to heat water in an electric kettle. A kettle will use around 2000 watts of power but it is designed to heat water quickly versus a metal pot on the stove top, this is because the heating element of the electric kettle is directly touching the water. So if you need to preheat water when cooking, use the kettle first and then add it to the pot. Using the stove top less will reduce energy use, but on the other hand takeout and processed ready to eat foods may not be very healthy and can be quite expensive.