Electricity usage of a DVR

Digital video recorders or tv boxes can be very energy inefficient and cost you a lot of money. Natural Resources Defense Council published a study in 2011 which indicates that a typical household set-top box configuration with one HD-DVR & one HD Set-Top Box uses an average of 446 kWh a year which is around 51 watts. A typical HD-DVR will use 32 watts of power when on and 31 watts of power when in light sleep, while the HD-Client will use 20 watts of power when on and 19 watts when in light sleep.

Click calculate to find the energy consumption of a typical DVR set-top configuration using 51 Watts for 24 hours a day @ $0.10 per kWh.

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The reason why DVRs can use so much energy is because they are never really off, the sleep mode on DVRs or cable boxes is not effective at reducing energy use. DVRs require to be on because they are used to record scheduled tv programs. The only way to reduce the energy consumption of a DVR is to unplug the device completely. Newer DVR models may reduce energy consumption by dropping active usage to 31 watts for a DVR & Set-Top Box and down to 17 watts for both when in light sleep mode.


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